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Balancing Game “Women. Moods” Dream Set

Balancing Game “Women. Moods” Dream Set


There are so many roles in our life:
– Daughter
– Sister
– Friend
– Partner
– Mom

Person who defends positions, religion, philosophy, herself. But still just a little girl inside. A Woman. You.
And here are so many emotions every day. Some of them are easy for us and we are always open to them. Some of them deep and only ours. Some of them we are ready to share and talk about them openly. Some are so complex and even scary that we don’t want to remind them. But they all together are real life and we balance in it. Our emotions, moods. Our roles.

Proudly created by women for celebrating all women and their moods. The coolest game for children, teenage and adult parties. Can get a higher difficulty when using multiple sets.An infinite number of game options and a recommendation guide.

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Development of: fine motor skills, imagination, acting skills, creativity, storitelling.

Safe for kids from 3 years. High quality sanding.

Eco-toy, which is certified in Ukraine. All details are made of natural materials.

  • Includes 12 figures
  • Size: 72х70х23 mm; 63х59х23 mm; 112х70х23 mm; 56х128х23 mm; 79х85х23 mm; 190х67х23 mm; 70х85х23 mm; 46х97х23 mm; 64х66х23 mm; 53х81х23 mm; 79х95х23 mm; 95х60х23 mm.
  • Material: solid wood
  • Coating: water-based paint
  • Package: craft box, linen bag, paper case
  • Age: from 3 years