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Gommu Mini Bear Sienna

Gommu Mini Bear Sienna


I’m made from hevea tree white sap, and I’m 100% biodegradable. I’m sustainable, born from a green production process. I’m unique, like every GOMMU, we are all handmade and I have small imperfections, who doesn’t?I’m hand-painted with organic food graded paint and I’m PVC and BPA free. I’m also soft and chewable and I love to play in water with you! I’m safe because I’m hermetically sealed and no mold or bacteria can accumulate inside of me.

What I like most about being a GOMMU is that I can help you with your emotional, sensory and cognitive development. My soft surface and rounded fluffy shape will stimulate your sense of touch and we will become best friends.

  • Composition: 100% Hevea
  • Size: 13cm

All GOMMU products are made of high quality materials. Please follow the care instructions below to ensure the longest possible life of the product:

  • Do not over expose to the sun
  • Do not expose to high temperatures
  • Do not wash with abrasive products
  • Do not expose to salt water
  • Moisturize natural rubber with natural moisturizers

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