I Love My Pets Puzzle

I Love My Pets Puzzle


A cat, a dog, a rabbit, a fish, a bird and a turtle… Let’s play with our pets!

In the box you will find 7 puzzles, 6 are pets and the 7th is a girl. Each puzzle is reversible. One side shows us the pet, and when flipped, we can see the habitat where the animal lives

Being 7 independent puzzles of 3 pieces, they are ideal to introduce the smallest of the house into the world of puzzles. The pieces are very large, designed for small hands to easy become engaged.

7 colourful 3-piece reversible puzzles for the little ones in the house to learn whilst having fun with their most beloved pets.

  • FSC paper and recycled cardboard
  • : 22 x 14cm (x7)
  • Barcelona