Kitpas Block 8 Colors

Kitpas Block 8 Colors


Kitpas Art Crayons with their exuberantly vibrant colors bring out the kid in everyone. Their buttery smoothness unleashes children’s creativity instantly. This “Kitpas Art Crayons Block” is square block version of Kitpas.

  • A set of 8 kitpas Block (White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Black)
  • Color away on paper, windows, glass, mirrors, and whiteboards
  • Wipes away easily on any non-porous surface
  • Product size: L 5 ⅞” x φ ¾” (L 150 x φ 20mm)
  • Package size: L 8 ⅝”  x W 3 ⅛” (L 220 x W 80mm)
  • Materials: paraffin wax and colored pigment – allergen free
  • Made in Japan

How to Enjoy Kitpas Art Crayons

  • Draw bright, smooth lines on paper.
  • Draw on non-porous surfaces — like glass, mirrors, and whiteboards — and easily wipe drawings off with a damp cloth.
  • Since Kitpas Art Crayons are water-soluble, you can turn drawings into watercolor paintings just by applying some water!
  • Smudge drawings on paper with your fingers to make neutral colors and gradations.
  • As a fixative for Kitpas drawings on paper, gently apply a little talcum powder.
  • How to mix colors

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