Op Art Sticker Based Art Pack

Op Art Sticker Based Art Pack


Use stencils to draw optical illusions, create an agamograph (images that change from different angles), and make-your-own moire window clings. Unlike representational art which depicts things in the real world, optical art is abstract. Using special lines and shapes, optical art often appears to have movement, hidden images, vibrating patterns, or changes in size and color, which people refer to as “illusions”. You won’t believe your eyes!

What’s Inside?
4 activities for multiple sittings:

  • Paper Weaving: Create 4 stunning Op Art weavings with our all inclusive paper weaving set.
  • Experience the magic of an agamograph, where one image transforms into another as you move. Remix Shawna X’s work with your own drawings on this simple accordion structure.
  • Wave Stencil inspired by Bridget Riley’s famous repetitive wave paintings. Create your own mesmerizing waves with slight variations in color and position.

PLUS a collectible OP ART sticker sheet and exclusive Shawna X window clings.

Package size: 31.8 x 0.3 x 24.1 cm