Balancing Game “Women. Moods” Middle Set

Balancing Game “Women. Moods” Middle Set


A game for the development of empathy. Each figure carries a certain emotion. Tell me how is it for you? How do you feel inside when you experience something similar?

The coolest game for children, teenage and adult parties. Can get a higher difficulty when using multiple sets.
An infinite number of game options and a recommendation guide.

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Development of: fine motor skills, imagination, acting skills, creativity, storitelling.

Safe for kids from 3 years. High quality sanding.

Eco-toy, which is certified in Ukraine. All details are made of natural materials.

  • Includes 8 figures
  • Size: 72х70х23 mm; 63х59х23 mm; 112х70х23 mm; 56х128х23 mm; 79х85х23 mm; 190х67х23 mm; 70х8х23 mm; 46х97х23 mm
  • Material: solid wood
  • Coating: water-based paint
  • Package: craft box, linen bag, paper case
  • Age: from 3 years