Tank Top – Ochre Yellow

Tank Top – Ochre Yellow

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Hand-dyed naturally, using only elements of nature like roots, flowers, leaves, and seeds. Therefore, each product is unique with slight imperfections and irregularities that occurred during the natural dyeing process. This imperfect look makes its beauty.

  • Material: 100% organic cotton jersey, 160gsm

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Care instructions:

Here are some simple tips to preserve the color and texture of these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Wash imperatively separately the first time. Preferably every time. Plant dyed clothing do not contain any chemicals for fixation, it might drain its colour or absorb the colour bled from other fabrics. This can be burdensome, if you choose to wash with other clothes, always wash with colours of the same tone.

Wash in cool water with PH neutral mild soap. Dissolve the soap in the water first and then dip the clothing inside. Do not let it rest in the water for long; remove it quickly. For machine wash use a short delicate program and wash all garments inside out in a fine-mesh net.

Always dry your naturally-dyed garments in the shade, without direct sunlight. Sunlight may rapidly fade some dyes. Store in a dark place. This will help prevent your plant-dyed clothing to fade off.

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